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April 21, 2020

Imagine one of your musical hero's tweeting a link to your song. Then to add ramp up the emotion you're feeling, that same hero then delete's the tweet a few days later. Elation, confusion, worry, bafflement. In the world of Prince fans, those kind of feelings could be par for the course. But that very thing happened to brotherly duo, Field Music, around the release of their album Commontime back in 2015. I worked on a launch event with the band in Manchester around the time and they confirmed that as flattering as it was, they really didn't have a clue what was going on.


In an interview for The Quietus one half of the band, David Brewis, told the tale of the time


"I looked at the rest of his Twitter feed and it seemed like it could have actually been Prince. It didn’t seem like a cleverly mediated promotional site. It really seemed like it was him. So, I think he has heard the song. Does that mean he liked it? Or, does he think we’ve steered too close to recycling his ideas? There is a touch of homage to that song, admittedly. 

Then he deleted the tweet. Did that mean he hated the song? Was he just trying to baffle everyone? Then, I was asked to write an article about why Field Music like Prince and he tweeted a link to that article as well. That was particularly strange because I was up late on a Sunday night writing about how much I like Prince and within 24 hours he had read the article - and not been offended by it."


It's a great tale akin to throwing a house party and Bill Murray just stopping by to mix a few cocktails before ducking off unannounced once more. Did that happen? Why didn't anyone take a photo? That was amazing right? Did he have fun? Why did he just leave then?!...


Anyway, we can definitely confirm that the Brewis brothers are fans themselves (there are definitely lots of purple touches across their catalogue, as noted above), so here, on the 4th anniversary of Prince's death, David Brewis' side hustle project, School Of Language, drop a full-on tribute. No tacky covers mind. This is next-level, Dirty Mind era inspired new belters, with pease pudding and a stottie on the side.


"I couldn’t bring myself to cover his songs," notes David, "I love the complete package - the playing and the production and the imperfections - just too much to tinker with. But I thought that maybe I could keep myself on the level by writing my own Prince songs. Maybe a little batch which would have been left in the vault back in ’81 because they sounded “too Prince” and he’d already moved on."


And that's precisely what we have. An EP fuelled by pure love, respect and thanks for enduring inspiration, with an inventiveness that few of their peers can match.


👁️ Could Have Love U Better by School Of Language is available now directly from Bandcamp HERE

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