Sunshine, after the rain.

April 17, 2020

This is great cover of The Pogues 'A Rainy Night In Soho' which showcases a band that I've written about previously, who seem to always capture those evocative non-moments between the big, memorable moments. The bits that are actually just as important.


Real Lies aren't the euphoric peak-time hit at the rave, they're the bit afterwards, when you're stood on your own by the dual carriageway with a flat phone battery wondering if you should chance an unlicensed taxi or just start walking the two hours home. They're the seemingly trivial decisions that build to send you in a specific life trajectory, rather than what feel like the big life choices. Saturday morning afters shop-run or time to go home? With the world currently feeling like everything's on hold, observing everything through a pane of glass, the prescient sense of longing here is dialled up to 11. It's a good one to wallow in for a moment or two, before we all get back to dreaming and making plans again...




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