Pinching Out

March 31, 2020


9 months since my last post, well... it's not as if I've been off having a baby, though it's fair to say there have been some fairly major life switch-up's since last July. 


An ace new day-job, new music making, a little travel, some good gigs, some not so good gigs, then a sizeable shift out of London to start a new chapter in the north of England, only to land in a Covid-19 lockdown. 


A positive of finding myself unable to move into a new house and staying with the olds is the fact that they've a pretty decent sized garden that looks out across the Tyne valley. So rather than lamenting the parties that could have been, I've been up with the dawn chorus, putting onions in the ground and generally getting my hands scruffy for the first time in years. It's actually a brilliant feeling getting back in the house, properly knackered from digging up a forgotten network of tree roots from the precise spot that you want to plant potatoes. So yes, my love of gardening has been reborn, but the quiet time brings with it time for reflection and inspiration.


Providing a new platform for such nature-based musical inspirations is a new 'radio' stream on Soundcloud called Petiole Radio by a friend of mine, and rather excellent DJ, Renata Maris. The quieter moments in the day, where the interior monologue of hope, fear, happiness and anticipation mulls over all of the current world situations led me in to pulling together this selection. A winner, if I do say so myself, for those rare morning moments before the little red dots with the numbers inside start to distract you on your numerous devices.


Have a listen HERE

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