Sad All Over

July 9, 2019


I was recommended this one during a regular stop by Stranger Than Paradise in Mare St. Market. Not quite the same, but certainly in the same postcode as last year’s excellent State Of The Union compilation, Sad About The Times occupies that same hinterland of post 60s psychedelic euphoria that can’t be so easily categorised. Kind of sad, but kind of uplifting too. You just had a big night, again, but this morning the hangover is just that touch rougher than it used to be.  That straight-up youthful innocence is slowly being replaced by the knowing creep of existential dread that you only get from having lived a few more years, hitting things a little too hard and making a solid amount mistakes along the way...


Sad About The Times, compiled by Mikey Young and Keith Abrahamsson is available now from Mexican Summer/Anthology Records HERE




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