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May 23, 2019

Sometimes having nothing but a smartphone and a wi-fi code can send you down some right old internet worm-holes. Every so often though, one of those e-trips can involve seeing what happens when you Google yourself. More often than not, I'm swimming though pages and pages of Russian torrent sites linking to free downloads of my own music, but mixed in the web soup, there's occasionally a tasty crouton.


One such result switched me back on to a piece I did for DMC's Back To Mine around the release of an EP I did for Japanese label, Blindetonation. Back To Mine is suitably well noted for their celebrated compilation series that's knocked out some peerless mixes from the likes of Groove Armada, Danny Tenaglia, Royksopp and Pet Shop Boys, like something of a less prolific Late Night Tales. They're generally all much more at the chill your boots or Balearic end of the spectrum (in the proper Padilla sense of the word) so it was lovely to make a few selections of my own. Not quite the full taking you on a journey mix, but certainly enough there to help you get a little more loose...


Check out the selection HERE

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