Buy Music Club (yep you can still buy music in 2019..)

May 21, 2019

Oh hi! Yep, I've been M.I.A. for a few months but you know what, I'm through to the end of a tumultuous time of change and find myself faced with a whole heap of great things on the horizon (including my own new music releases), so it's all top banana. Anyway, during the occasional moment I've been able to do a bit of digging, I thought it might be nice to pull together a list of recent-ish purchases I've made on Bandcamp via Buy Music Club.


Set up last year by Avalon Emerson, Buy Music Club is a fairly simple but effective platform for discovering great, engaging music that encourages you to press 'add to cart' - meaning you're better supporting indies and artists directly, rather than via a 0.000001p per play revenue from streaming.  


It's my usual mixed bag of tricks, including a couple of killer covers and Sillyboy's Ghost Relatives recent balearic belter on Claremont 56 (pictured), but I hope you'll agree that non of it's shit or basic...


Check out A Bandcamp Compendium by The Sonic Emporium HERE

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