Sound Of Silver

October 28, 2018

With his first new music since the acid house stylings of the Illumination and Sub Conscious releases around 4/5 years back, friend of the show Erol Alkan has delivered an absolute beast of a new track - Silver Echoes.


We're in more eye's closed, bottom lip over your head and swallow, wig-out tackle here - and the first listen instantly had me back to those days doing the warm-ups at Wax:On, longer ago than is probably good to ponder over.


Erol's one of those DJ's who will remain in my all-time inspiration top 5 and I've been fortunate to warm-up for him many times over the years. Every time he played there was an feeling of excitement and anticipation - you couldn't be totally sure about where things were going to head, but you knew they'd head somewhere face-melting. 


This track just seems to encapsulate the energy of those moments on the dance floor that transition proceedings from noddy and foot tappy, to 'cancel the taxi, we're getting stuck in' territory. You're sucked into the centre of the room, the space crackling and charged. Off you fucking go!


An edit of Silver Echoes is available to stream now, while the official release along with a further new track, Spectrum, lands on Phantasy from 9th Nov HERE.

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