Never lost their Hardcore

June 17, 2018

There wasn't much in the way of a Pirate radio scene up in Newcastle in the 1990's, if ever probably. Let's face it, a lone horse illegal radio station in a one donkey town, would have been tracked down by the DTI in a matter of minutes. Where'd you stick an aerial? Up the Dunston Rocket?


The dance music output which has now dominated BBC Radio 1's scheduling for the last 20 years, was still confined to one off specials and random takeovers, such as the Pet Shop Boys covering Simon Bates' morning show (?!?!) and pulling in the likes of Colin Favor, Frankie Knuckles and 808 State for guest mixes...


Back in the early 90's, the only real mainstream coverage of dance music was broadly negative. News was all drugs and gangsters, music press largely sneering at these 'mindless' repetitive sounds


As a kid with no access to the parties and no information available at the click of a mouse, one of the few windows into that intriguing world was via the rave tapes that circulated around school. Procured from older brothers and sisters, or once you were old enough to go into town yourself, from the likes of Bass Generator. The sounds contained within were thrilling and energised, and increasingly, the music they contained became increasingly homegrown. 


With the likes of Shades of Rhythm and Shut Up & Dance blazing an initial UK-made rave music trail, a vast wave of UK artists started kicking out their own electronic creations. Some went pure toy-town, some up their own intellectual arses, others laid fresh foundations for brand new genres. The shock waves from the time of endless creativity and exploration, however, continue to be felt.


For the last few years, new waves of global artists from Lone to Shanti Celeste have been dipping into a vast myriad of 'back in the day' sounds to create new, future thinking electronics. FaltyDL is another and it's his reworking of rave legends 2 Bad Mice that has sparked this demi-nostalgia trip. Like a long lost white label from the future, his breakbeat heavy remix of Limit Of Paradise has got me hankering to go and dance in a corn field while bemused locals fret about why the catalyst for the apocalypse was sparked in their sleepy town in the Home Counties. Watch your bass bins I'm telling' ya...


The Sully & FaltyDL remixes of 2 Bad Mice are released digitally on Sneaker Social Club on June 28th, (the 12" pre-order has already sold out) get them HERE



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