Sound Seduction

May 20, 2018

I hold a Birkenstock to my ear and it all comes back... 


When Claremont 56 wound up their selector-driven 'Originals' series, they left a peerless set of compilations that set a fresh standard and a big hole in the bank accounts of those collectors who went in search of many of the obscure 12's they contained.


Spacetalk, have in many regards filled the Balearic void that those comps left behind. Inviting a fresh circle of friends and dusty fingered diggers to explore their racks and tell their own musical stories.


The third in their series of comps, takes us front and centre to the Med. Back to the sea that started it all, all be it this time along a rocky, less-explored outcrop in one particular selector's conscious. It feels both otherworldly and strangely familiar to us all. The magical spot, will be here on in known as Club Meduse.


Beachfreaks Records co-founder Charles Bals has some solid form in rediscovering the curious and forgotten and there are plenty of both within this release. Some, you can completely understand why they didn't get the creator onto Top Of The Pops at the time, others you just wonder what on earth was going on in the world that the track isn't a standard of it's era. It is all unquestionably though, summer season gold.


The One O Ones bring the sound of dancing under a pink and purple sky, Metal Voices sound like the Thompson Twins fronted by Edwin Collins and Gemini's - Take A Chance, one of the most Balearic old-new records you will hear all year, are essentially the sound of the perfect holiday romance. Can't we just stay here forever?


Club Meduse compiled by Charles Bals is out now on Spacetalk HERE

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