We Are (Still) Your Friends

March 13, 2018

Once upon a time in Newcastle, some mates got together and started putting on some parties for their mates. They added new mates in the process and in turn, they brought their mates along to the parties too. Things escalated and suddenly lots of mates and their mates, mates all came to the party too.


There were moments of high elation, moments of downright despair but now with the dust settling somewhat, I can't help feeling that the times were changed by this little provincial party, this little group of pals, that grew and morphed into all sorts of wonderful and different things.


I'm a firm anti-nostalgist. The 'good old days' were never so good that the future is never gonna beat them. But I do think that, sometimes, looking back once in a while, remembering the past, helps you move forward. Appreciate what you had. Now beat that. Make it better.


But my god, just turn up Vitalic's - La Rock or the Soulwax mix of Standing In The Way Of Control and try to suppress the rush of serotonin...


Wax:On Favourites playlist, up now HERE on Spotify. 

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