Horn of plenty

February 13, 2018

Image above Trevor Horn at the controls. c Dan Wilton


There's not much that you can say about music producer, Trevor Horn in a paragraph or two. In fact you'd barely be able to intro him in that amount of space. He's basically one of the most important (but actually good with it) music producers of all time.


When doing a bit of research for something I don't really want to curse by talking about, I found myself sucked into the his lengthy chat for the Red Bull Music Academy a few years back.


It's possibly one of my favourite video's on the internet. Or should I say two videos, since he runs on waaaaay over his allotted time. It's wall to wall with behind the scenes stories (plenty of production tips too) behind some of the biggest hits and game changing sounds. The best thing about it is that he's a thoroughly likeable guy. He's apologising throughout for going on and on, when all the while you're just hoping he's going to just stick about to tell you another mad story about Grace Jones or Frankie Goes To Hollywood or Malcolm McClaren and critically, how he got their hits down on tape. Even across the three hours of the vid, they've barely even touched on his output from the mid-80s.


Anyway, I'm going to stop chatting and start pointing you in directions, before this turns into the framework for a biography.  If you simply love music, the insights in the videos are enlightening and entertaining. If you're creative in music, the tips he throws out along the way will serve you like divine guidance for the rest of your days. You can check out the full feature and videos HERE, get the kettle on and make yourself comfy.


Then when you're done, check out Test Pressing's music mix of Trevor Horn greats. They did a wicked series focussing on essential producers and the one that celebrates his work, kicking off the series, is one I go back to again and again. You'll want to bookmark it too. Go listen to that HERE.



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