Gentrified Beats...

February 3, 2018

So it would seem that the on-going gentrification of east London has landed squarely at door of the Hoxton FM studio, as it's been threatening for a while. So this time next year it'll likely be another block of generic flats that none of us can afford.

Of course what that basically means in real terms is a break in transmissions for a short while. It doesnt mean it's the end. It basically free's up the station from a fixed location and a ludicrous rent for a while and I think the opportunities that presents to it's founder Dan Formless, are immense. 

So anyway, here's my latest and last show for Hoxton FM for the time being. Some great new tackle in there along with a bigger helping than usual of some classic bangers, getting me in the mindset to change things up again out in the real world...


The image above is a piece of Hoxton graffiti by Stik, who I should probably do a post about soon...


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