A Winter's Tale

February 2, 2018

The more keen eyed amongst you, undistracted by once a year fitness regimes or clouded up by post-Christmas head fog, might have spotted that I've not been on here for a month. Now I know that must have felt like an eternal ice-age to you all, waiting with frosty bated breath for my next communication, but rest assured. Much has been going on in the nippy confines of my arctic hideaway.


I started work on an album, back in when the Earth was still flat, and somehow without warning it's done, dusted and heading your way. 


It's a new project, more info on which to follow, but in a nutshell it imagines what would happen if the land in which we currently live descended into eternal ice-age. It's called The World In Winter. Perhaps there's an allegory there? The album's lands on the 2nd March, but to 'warm' (?!) things up, we open proceedings as is traditional in music land with a single, 'Snowdrops' available on all the main (and a fair amount of obscure) digital music platforms, including iTunes and Spotify.


The World In Winter - Snowdrops, is out now on Pictogramme


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