Bombay Bangers

November 20, 2017

Followers on my socials will no doubt be bored rigid of my posts from a recent trip to India where I was working on creating a bespoke soundtrack for a lush new Hyatt hotel in Kerala. During my whistle stop tour, I managed to put a one day layover in Mumbai to good use, tapping up shopkeepers and collectors to grab whatever records I could. 


Despite being a major manufacturing hub for vinyl in the past and with a sizeable number of Indian music releases over the decades, India's cities generally don't have the same kind of record shop culture that can be found in others around the world. The ones that do are usually focussed on the audiophile market, with shops selling limited numbers of top quality pressings and the equipment on which to play it.


Abdul (pictured) has developed something of a cult status among record diggers and he's been making a living out of selling records for years. While small, the stacks on show are wall to wall with rare gems, and good rare gems at that, not just crap records that are fetishised because there are only two in existence. 

The only issue was no listening post, so I was buying on instinct and much more cautious than I should have been. The first record I listened too when I got home was this total fireball, featuring Bollywood Disco Doyenne, Sharon Prabhakar. If anyone needs some musical assistance in India soon, give me a shout, I need to get back there pronto! Ha ha!

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