Let's Travel The World

September 17, 2017

World Music. What a daft little name, if not downright dismissive. 'This is all the stuff from everywhere else that we can't be arsed to categorise' 

And when is world music actually world music anyway? Is a dude from South Africa making House with bongos World? How about London studio wizards making full strength Jamaican Dub? If a Belgian singer's produced by an American duo, how's that more World than a French singer produced by an American duo, just because of the language that they choose to sing in? I'm not quite sure I'll ever be able to answer any of these things satisfactorily and it's not something I lost too much sleep over putting this selection together. I'm not letting any of that deep categorisation and segregation bother me on this one. Hoy it all into one big pot and mix it up. Purism can kiss my arse.

(Image: the most anodyne 'World Music' image I could find on the internet)

The songs of Sami musician Mari Boine can, I must be honest, be an acquired taste. But merge that sound with a modern electronic sound and you've got the kind of infectious groove I've not been able to stop playing for the last 10+ years. On her own, Chilean artist Javiera Mena dished out a tremendous pop record in its own right. When sliced and diced by a Mexican psychedelic crusader, though, the resulting product is ayahuasca level dance trip out.

This new Spotify playlist celebrates these moments, and more. It is essentially a comp of interesting music from around the world, some of it old, most of it new, but all deserving of a listen. You can categorise it however you like, I just think it's all class. You can then here me and host of others play them as part of the Let's Travel The World event, up at the Sage venue in Gateshead on the 22/23/24 September - more info on that HERE Full line-up below - keep toot on my Facebook feed as well, for live broadcasts from the event, for those who can't make it in person....





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