Golden Years

August 21, 2017

While I can hardly class myself as a total space geek, I've certainly got more than just a passing interest in the day to day goings on of space exploration - the story of the Voyager 1 & 2 program in particular. Despatched by NASA in 1977 to explore our solar system, the probes contained some very special gold LP's, loaded with all manner of sounds and vital info, should they ever be discovered by other life beyond our own planet. I especially loved the audio track of greetings, in 50 languages of earth (so much so that I sampled it for my remix of Black Rivers coincidentally titled 'Voyager 1' single).

Right now, they're drifting out into deep space and who knows, all of that information overseen by Carl Sagan, could be in the 'hands' of other life soon.

And while, it could be a quite a serious mission for the most dedicated of collectors to acquire one of the original pressings, the good news is that following a Kickstarter campaign, the Voyager Golden Record is getting a first time release as part of a rather lush looking box set, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the launch.


 The deluxe 3xLP box set, contains three translucent gold vinyl discs, a voyager trajectory slipmat, a full-colour 96-page book containing all images from the original record, gallery of images, plus an essay from the record's producer Tim Ferris, gold foil print, and a digital download card.


Discover more about the project over on the Ozma Records site HERE


 The Golden Record, pictured in position on the centre of Voyager.


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