New Order - Technique

August 9, 2017

A few years ago, the wonderful Colleen Murphy asked me to present one of my favourite albums for her fledgling Classic Album Sundays events. How could I refuse? And how could I not pick Technique? It's the sound of one of my favourite bands refining their electronic/rock format to perfection, and a wonderful summer soaked record to boot. In the spirit of summer, I thought it appropriate to recycle a little bit of content (all they show on telly is repeats, right?)  So here's the link to my pre-listening session presentation in full. Do yourself a favour. Knock off your phone, give it a little read, then listen to album back on the best set up you can put together. Your ears will love you for it...


New Order - Technique, Classic Album Sundays




C.A.S. has since grown fantastically, with outposts around the world from Oslo to L.A. -the next sesh is for Michael Jackson, Off The Wall. I urge you to try and attend one near you sharpish.

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