The Greatest Movies Never Made

June 26, 2017

Before pop music. Before lucid, repetitive beats or chiming guitar driven singles, my main source of life affirming sounds as a kid was via movies. Tearing about the streets on bikes and skateboards pretending to be Marty McFly, Indiana Jones or James Bond, the action played out to the themes and songs from their requisite films in my head. The music was triumphant, tense and transcendent.


While 'what's the first single you ever bought?' is often responded to in interviews, by musicians, with a self-deprecating or 'embarrassing' choice, or an eye-rolling, too cool to be true selection - if I were to be asked, what was the first music that you used to listen to yourself, i.e. of your own choosing and not just what came on the radio, I'd most likely have to say The Greatest Hits Of James Bond and The Best Of John Williams (the composer, not the classical guitarist). Huge sounding records that conjured up other worlds and sparked the imagination with their telling of impossible escapades and audacious adventures.


Soundtracks can be odd entities. Not always feeling fully formed and at other times becoming bigger and more revered than the visual work that they were created to complement. 


I often hear tracks that never had any specify movie connection and immediately begin forming a picture in my head. Sweeping plains, crowed side-walks or 360 degree space battles. I imagine the small town backwaters of indie sleeper hits and high-rise city car chases of frenetic blockbusters.


This playlist celebrates those songs. A selection of cuts that could have a second life on celluloid.


From westerns that never were to unmade war epics. Wes Anderson wonkiness to Wendy Carlos weirdness. Tracks that I feel could single handedly get a movie green lit, others that quietly keep the action moving...


Check out The Greatest Movies Never Made on Spotity HERE




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