Forgive Him Lord, For He Hath Synth

June 23, 2017

It's F-F-F-Friday! Or not, if you're reading this on a day after Friday, or perhaps it's a different Friday to this one. In which case it is Friday, just not this Friday. Oh god! I've been up for hours drinking too much coffee and it's not even 9am... Anyway, general, generic Friday's mean one thing in the world of music - the stuff I've generally been chatting about both here and on the radio get's an actual real life release, so you can go and buy it and play it to death yeah?


Well today, as in Friday (oh don't start this again - Ed.) my good half-Eskimo chum Timothy 'Heretic' Clerkin has a new record out and it's a PURE WEAPON. Out on Ransom Note's impressive new(ish) imprint, the Serenade EP's title track's got that wonky/acid thing going on that they've been absolutely bossing since they got going (and indeed since Tim first put finger to synth). The party doesn't stop with the title track mind you. It's all killer, no filler - not least the also quite silly-good 'Execute.' The kind of track that could make a 90's, Hypercolor-wearing, Glasto dance tent devotee, cry-dance 'til dawn. You can grab your copy at the link below while stocks last. Remember though kids, smoking kills, but looks cool ;)


Timothy 'Heretic' Clerkin - Serenade EP is out now on Ransom Note - click HERE to grab your copy now.

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