Out Of The Blue

June 15, 2017

 After a few false starts in the UK, it would seem that summer has landed. There's a heat haze from early in the morning and it'll only be a matter of days until 'it's freezing, another crap summer' etc. is replaced by 'it's too hot, get that window open, Argos have sold out of fans.' So the the timing of Phil Mison's new compilation on Leng Records, 'Out Of The Blue' couldn't be better.


It's a the sound of splashing about in rock pools as a kid or listening to the sound of the waves with nothing else in the world to worry about. It's dozing off under a gently flapping parasol or jumping into a pool when the mid-afternoon sun starts to get too much. It feels a little bit personal, and indeed, the music on here is described by Phil as inspired by his first time in Ibiza, listening to José Padilla at the Café Del Mar in the days when it wasn't a global brand and surrounded by a sound clash of battling EDM. You can here him chatting about his time there on a past edition of my radio show HERE.


From the 'Rotation'-like rhythm track of Kamasutra's 'Sugar Step' (the last song Phil played during his own time at the Café) to Language's 'Tranquility Bass,' so much of the music Phil picks out (and indeed creates as Cantoma) is filled with optimism and sparkle.  


At the time of writing, there have been some really quite horrible things happening in the UK, but this time they seem juxtaposed with an increased wave of hope and a promise of positive change. Now, I'm not wanting to completely re-contextualise this release, like Paul Morley extracting the joy from a Kraftwerk review in order to make grand social observation, but it feels once again that Phil's tapped into a seam, creating a soundtrack to a time that we can all believe can happen.  Sometimes quirky, a little carefree and always full of love.


Phil Mison - Out Of The Blue is available now on Leng Records.

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