Dreamy days

June 2, 2017


In the middle of a mammoth promo review sesh today and things start on such a high, I'm worried to keep going for fear of continued disappointment.


Released on Brixton's Dream Diary imprint, Bubbles, by label owner Oslo Roma (five star name!) is one of those floaty, twinkling tracks that get right into the follicles to keep the hairs on your arms dancing around for it's duration. The rest of the EP, ramps up the dance floor and is just as vital, it's just that Bubbles is like getting a deep tissue massage in a floatation tank (try not to over think this analogy, could get very messy..) 


You can listen to it over on the Dream Diary page now, over on Soundcloud,


It's released on 28th June on limited wax, so get it pre-ordered while you can, from your favourite vinyl outlet x


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