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May 16, 2017


"Last night, I had a dream about you..."  It's 10 years since Daft Punk's last, game-changing live shows (Alive 2007). I did, of course, miss every single one of them. I did, however, 'get lucky' (sorry) 10 years prior to that when I saw their very first live outing (Alive '97) - a much more raw and ragged, but nonetheless inspiring affair.


Rumours of surprise appearances plague every major festival every year. But with what would appear to be a mix of hearing problems and other fresh interests, it doesn't look like the pioneering French duo will be completing a trio of tours, each a decade apart, with an Alive 2017.


Happily though, a dedicated group of fans look set to scale the heights of the pyramid with a forthcoming show that promises live audio, visuals and 'the robots' in a loving tribute this June. Discover more HERE

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