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April 20, 2017

Been off on my travels recently, including a whistle stop visit to Brussels, the Belgian capital. There's something inescapably European about the place, in that it reminded me about lots of other places in Europe, but brought them together without stacking up the shit bits. So Paris featured without the overcrowding, elbowing, rude waiters, overpricing and a subway that constantly stinks of piss. Amsterdam's laid back feel was there, along with an open, devil may care attitude. Munich's sausage and beer fest, with proper chips and chocolate on the side.

I was there with Mrs Emporium for a breather, but on our first night we had tickets for Soulwax. I had the very real pleasure of playing warm-ups for the band on their last electrifying tour, whenever they ventured north so I was very much looking forward to see how they might have progressed since that time. Despacio, their radio Soulwax video series, a new studio, a new label have all arrived between that time now and now.


Wowsa. They played the hits, the new stuff held it's own too.  The new show is as good as you might hope. A simple but striking stage set, 3 live drummers and a star wars flight deck of synths, boxes and wires. When (and if) they hit the road again, make sure you're from of the queue..






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