Simon Stuart / The Sonic Emporium

When not creating soundtracks for Michelin star restaurants and far flung hotels from Mexico to the Maldives, I can often be found playing records on the radio, in dusty basements or idyllic island spots. It's a pretty charmed way to spend much of my time. This site is designed to provide a bit of a window on that world and occasionally put a spotlight on the day to day thoughts from inside my head.


The simple aim is to share the many things that I love. If there's something featured that you're not happy with, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Or, If you’d like to contribute to the site, share new music or party info, then drop me a note. I'm easy to contact and would love to hear from you (provided the music and/or party is good! :)

There are links to my various Spotify, Instagram, Facebook pages etc for more in the moment things going on in my world such as gigs and music releases - up at the top of the site. For bookings too and all other related enquiries, please fill in the form...

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